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Biopharmaceutical Classification System (BCS)*

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Low solubility of the active ingredient (AI) in GIT is the main issue.

* Amidon et al., Pharm. Res. 12 (1995)

** Sedo, PharmaCircle, APV conference (2016)

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Residyn® Technology in vitro

In 2021, Sil'Innov highlighted that resveratrol solid dispersions (ReSiDyn®) with mesoporous silicas significantly increase the dissolution kinetics of resveratrol. More precisely, the solid dispersions (SD) with mesoporous silica OSI100 as a carrier performed by in house 3D technology at a ratio of 30:70 (w/w) (Res:OSI100) as indicated on the figure 1. Depending on the technology conditions, the resveratrol dissolution after 2 hours in water is increased by a factor between 3.7 and 5. The prepared SD’s are still stable after an ageing of 5 months at 30°C/75% RH (Dec 2021)

Fig 1: Resveratrol dissolution kinetics expressed in percentage of dissolution for Resveratrol pure crystalline materials (?), Res: OSI100 (30:70 (w/w)) processed at condition 1 (?) and Res: OSI100 (30:70 (w/w)) processes at condition 2 (?).

Residyn® Technology
pre-clinical in Vivo

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IVIVC Conclusion Q4
 TriPLE A Residyn®

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What does it mean 'Triple A' ?

The 'Triple A' logo, the guarantee of a highly bioavailable silicium ! 

In fact, 'Triple A' means: 

        ACTIVATED Silicium by EYTELIA

       ABSORBED through the intestine

       ASSIMILATED by the body

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